Male Ostriches Can Roar Like a Lion

male ostrich roar lion

Male ostriches can roar like a lion. Now this roar that male ostriches make isn’t some form of bird imitation, like this swearing parrot, it’s a behavioural sound that comes naturally to them. And I might admit, it’s a pretty cool sound to make.

You may recall a few articles back that we discussed how some big cats can’t roar.  To me, this seems to be a completely weird, maybe even unfair situation. Some large, deadly, and certainly terrifying predators lack the biological mechanisms to perform a spine-chilling roar, yet a bird, albeit a big one, can create a magnificent sound that is synonymous with a Hollywood studio.  So why is it that male ostriches can roar like a lion even though they are a bird?

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No. No they don’t.