Do Tonsils Bounce?

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do tonsils bounce

Do tonsils bounce like a rubber ball for thirty minutes after being removed? Sadly they do not, and this is just another urban myth that has been concocted for entertainment purposes. So, let’s dig a little deeper into this dubious fact shall we?

There is a “fact” circulating that tonsils will bounce higher than a rubber ball for up to 30 minutes after they are removed. As we have just revealed, this is false and an urban legend. Tonsils do not bounce at all. In fact, they bounce no more than a standard piece of meat that you can buy from a butcher shop. How do we know? Simply put, we asked an ear, nose and throat surgeon. Yep, it was that simple and the answer itself was just as simple.

This misleading fact. just like so many others, first appeared in an email list. Even though this fact may be over 15 years old, people back in the day still sought for their creations to go viral. It wasn’t as easy back then. There was no real social networks, or even a decent search engine available. But even though it was difficult to create viral content, some people still succeeded, and this email list was one of them.

So, what did the surgeon tell us, and why were we there? Well, unfortunately for my son, he had to have these little blighters removed. What better opportunity than that time to ask such a compelling question, right? After all, we were already paying him so why not get a little useful information?

I was informed that tonsils do not bounce. Not for thirty minutes, or even thirty seconds. They do jiggle like a piece of normal fresh flesh (say that ten times for fun), but that’s all that they do once removed.



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