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Do We Only Use 10 Percent of Our Brain

According to neurologist Barry Gordon, he says this myth is actually laughable. He states that nearly all of the average persons brain is active nearly all of the time. By using modern medical imaging techniques we can actually see in real time how much of the brain is working. Gordon sights several reasons why there is no truth to this myth, among them are:

  • When a person suffers brain damage, even to a small section of the brain, it will affect some part of that persons performance. Most clear examples of this are with stroke sufferers. A stroke can affect only a small section of the brain, but have huge implications for the way the body functions.
  • Brain scans show that nearly all parts of our brain are always active.
  • The brain consumes 20% of the bodies oxygen, yet only weighs 2% of the total body weight. If it only 10% of the brain was used it would not need as much oxygen.
  • Brain cells that are not used have a tendency to degenerate. If you don’t use it, you lose it.


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