Some People Suffer from Chronic Déjà Vu Syndrome

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chronic deja vu syndromeWe’re all fairly familiar with déjà vu. It’s best described as a feeling that you have already experienced or seen an event, whether or not it’s actually happened or not. One of the most memorable moments of déjà vu on screen would be in the film, The Matrix, when Keanu Reeves character utters the line, and it just happened to be a glitch in that Matrix. But conspiracy theories and sci-fi aside, déjà vu can actually be a chronic problem,

What is chronic déjà vu?

Recently some people have been reporting cases of chronic déjà vu. It’s  described as being in a constant state of déjà vu. So would that actually be a problem? It appears as though it is. People who suffer from chronic déjà vu often refuse to watch any television, read books or even pay attention to the news. The reason is because they think they have already seen it and know what’s going to be said, even though they really don’t. It can also be a problem when in social circles, with sufferers thinking they have already been through it all before. But it doesn’t end just with entertainment. Chronic déjà vu can have disastrous effects on their health. The problem that sufferer have with health and this condition is that they often refuse go seek medical attention as they believe they have already been to a health care professional. It’s believed that chronic déjà vu is caused by failure in the temporal lobe. The failure in the temporal lobe is caused when you remember something., and it gets stuck in the on position. The end result is it causes you to remember situations that have never occurred. <source>


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