9 Weird Things in Wheres Waldo You Never Knew Were There

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Weird Things In Wheres Waldo A childhood favorite among many children would have to be the Where’s Waldo book series. Since his introduction in 1987 millions of children the world over have come to love the striped shirt, bespectacled hitchhiker who has a habit of blending in with his surrounding scenery. The books urge those with a keen eye to try and track him down as he journeys around the world, and even through time as he hides in the most unlikely of places. Occasionally there are even some weird things in Where’s Waldo.

As well as trying to find Waldo, the reader has the option of finding other hidden objects along the way. But the things in this list are not at all mentioned in the back of the book. To be honest, after reading this list of strange things in Where’s Waldo, you will never look at the books the same again. You might even go in search of other secretly hidden drawings in the Where’s Waldo books, without even trying to find the title character.

We are delivering this list of weird things in the Where’s Wally books not to discredit the work of Martin Handford, but to show the entertaining, and perhaps even twisted sense of humour hidden in the cluttered landscape.  Many of the scenes we have in our list are from earlier works of Handford. The work in his later pieces show less of the cheekiness, probably due to publisher demands. From the humorous right through the too historically accurate for our own good depictions in his drawings, this list has some of the strangest scenes ever found in Where’s Wally.

Now go forth and discover the 9 weird things in Where’s Wally you never knew were there


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