Bees balls Explode After Sex

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bees balls explode

Bees balls explode after sex. Ouch! I knew intercourse was good, but gee wiz. Lets investigate this a little further shall we?

You have to admit it, the reproduction cycle of bees is an amazing thing. The queen bee is raised among other queens, and if she survives to adulthood she leaves the colony with a few dozen male drones in hot pursuit to form a new bee colony. The successful male in the chase will then breed with the queen. But you can’t say he is all that lucky. Sure he was the one that got to have sex and pass on his genetic code, but after sex… How can we put it? After mating bees balls explode and fall off. Well not just his balls, his entire sexual organs fall off.

Why do bees balls explode after sex?

The reason bees balls explode after sex and their genitals fall off has to do with preserving their genetic code, and ensuring it is their genes that go on to populate the new colony. You’re wondering how bees balls exploding and genitals falling off after sex can ensure only their sperm is the one that goes on to impregnate the queen bee. It really is quite simple. When the bees balls explode and their genitals fall off they do so while in the genitalia of the queen bee. This effectively plugs the genitalia and prevents the queen bee from copulating with any other male drone bees and allowing her to be fertilized any further. If bees were the same as dogs for instance, the queen would be able to fornicate with several male drones and the offspring would have multiple fathers.

Now, what happens to the hapless, now castrated male bee? They face a similar fate to the female bees that sting. When a female bee stings their insides come out and they die a horrible death. This same fate awaits the successful male drone bee. For the others who lost the chase? They will die of exhaustion and exposure, but at least they will remain intact.

Bees are not the only animals that face this scenario while having sex. Just like bees the male wasp spider also loses his balls during sex for the same reason as the bee. As some people might say, they really are busting a nut.



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