Egyptian Pharaohs Used To Ceremonially Masturbate Into the Nile

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egyptian pharaohs masturbate nile

As part of a religious ceremony the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt used to masturbate into the Nile. Such an act today would certainly raise the ire of authorities in just about any country, bar Sweden. If it was conducted by a member of a royal family or a world leader you can bet your money that it would be plastered over the front cover of every tabloid newspaper the world over. But as we have previously said, it was required as part of a religious ceremony, and once you discover the reason you may be a little more accommodating of the idea. Maybe…

If you’re not familiar with the old saying we will bring it up again. “If you say you don’t masturbate you’re a liar, and a fool if you say that you do.” To be honest, the version I can recall is actually much cruder, so I cleaned it up a bit for you. But the premise of it remains true. It’s an act that everyone partakes in, and it must be reminded that it’s actually a healthy part of life In saying that, to be caught in the act of masturbation would be pretty embarrassing. So that actually makes me wonder why Egyptian Pharaohs were required to ceremonially masturbate into the Nile. Being a ceremony it would have had witnesses.

The ancient Egyptians held a strong belief that male masturbation was extremely important. It was even more important if it was performed by a god. When a god masturbated there was a belief that it was magical or even creative. To place the importance of male masturbation into context, and the reason the Pharaohs were required to masturbate into the Nile, you need only look at the god Atum. It’s said that he created the universe when he masturbated to ejaculation. Furthermore, the very flow of the Nile itself was said top be connected to the frequency of his ejaculations. It was for this reason that the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were required to ceremonially masturbate into the Nile.



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