Why Does Mr T Wear Gold Chains and Why Did He Stop?

why does mr t wear gold chains

Back in the day, did you ever wonder to yourself, why does Mr T wear gold chains? The sight of him pimped out in an extravagant, over the top adornment of gold around his neck is an image of the man that a generation grew up with. But in 2005 he stopped wearing them, which made me wonder a couple of things. Initially, why does Mr T wear gold chains to the extreme, and secondly, why did he stop wearing them?

There’s no denying it, Mr T is one big, bad, mean looking sack of muscle. Not only is he bulging out of his shirts, he also served in the military, learning many skills along the way. When he finished up with his life in the Military Police Corps he tried out for the Green Bay Packers, but didn’t make the cut due to a knee injury. Following this disappointment he decided to use the skills he acquired while a member of the military and become a bouncer.

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