Do Eyes Grow Or Not?

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Eyes Grow Or Not

Do eyes grow or not? There’s been quite a few myths circulating that eyes don’t grow throughout the life of a person. Notice we said myth? That’s because eyes do grow, but not much at all.

If you look at some eyes some people clearly have beautiful eyes. More often than not it’s not the actual eye that’s beautiful, but the personality behind them. If it is a person that you don’t know, it’s likely to be a combination of facial features that make the eyes appear to be beautiful. But the actual physical eyes vary very little from person to person. In fact, apart from colors, nearly all eyes are the same size. That’s right, the person beside you has eyes that are about the same size as yours. But that raises a few questions. People obviously grow, and at different rates and to different sizes. So do eyes grow or not?

Do eyes grow or not, if so how much?

Although nearly all human eyes are the same size, they actually do grow, but this is the surprising part. Eyes don’t grow much. By the time you reach your third birthday they are almost fully grown. Yep, that’s right. A three year old child, despite being barely waist height, has eyes that are almost the same size as a grown adult. It’s no wonder toddlers have such big and beautiful eyes. Now for the next amazing feature about eyes growing. Over the next ten years the eyes will only grow on average by 1 mm, which is such a tiny little bit. By the time you reach your thirteenth birthday your eyes would have stop growing and reached adult size.




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