The Mullet Is Banned In Iran

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mullet banned iranWhen we say that the mullet is banned in Iran we are talking about the hair style, not the fish. It may seem absolutely ridiculous, but it’s true. But then again, I personally have never been a fan of that particular hair style, and maybe the Iranians are onto something.

The mullet really hit its peak in popularity during the 1980’s. Many of the worlds biggest stars proudly sported the odd hair style, with the consequence being a rapid rise among the general population sporting it as well. Although it was most popular during the 80’s, it was worn during the 1970’s by David Bowie and Paul McCartney, and its popular use extended into the 1990’s. By the 2000’s it had become a bit of a joke in the entertainment industry. Even though it made its real introduction into popular culture in the 70’s, the first recorded use of a mullet goes way back to the 6th century where it was termed the ‘Hunnic’ look

Why is the mullet banned in Iran?

This certainly has to go down as yet another bizarre law, and an absolute waste of government resources, but the Islamic government of Iran has made it illegal for anyone to wear the mullet hair style in the country. The ban on mullets in Iran is an attempt by the government to confront Western influence in the country. Believe it or not, but the Iranian government has even unveiled a set of acceptable hair styles for use in the country at the Hijab and Chastity Festival of 2010.

Even though it would be a massive waste of tax payer money, perhaps this use of a mullet could also catch on.



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