Blond or Blonde Hair, Which to Use?

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blond or blonde hair

Blond or Blonde hair, which one do you use? Oh the conundrums of this world, two words the same yet with different spellings. But are they the same? The surprising answer is no, and we will try our best to explain why below.

The word originated from the old French word, blund, which means it is a color between gold and light chestnut. Jokes about intelligence aside, the two different spellings actually have different uses, and are unique to the English language.

When referring to a male the correct word to use if blond. When it is making a reference to a female the spelling is blonde. Although many languages around the world use different words, spelling or pronunciation to differentiate between the sexes, English doesn’t, except for this and a few others.

Well that’s it. I know that it’s not the deepest or most profound fact in the world, and many people of the fairer hair color may still be trying to understand the meaning of what we just explained, but it does clear some things up. For instance, now I know that both spellings are correct, and if I want to target a specific gender with a crude joke I can, and only those who don’t understand the different spelling wont know what I am exactly talking about. I also suppose that there’s the chance that some might even try to correct my spelling, even though it will be correct.

So the next time you write or read a dumb blond or blonde joke, you will know the gender it if referring to by the way it is spelled.


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