Fidel Castro Slept with 35,000 Women, or So He Claims

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fidel castro 35000 women

The former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, claims to have slept with over 35,000 women. Now I don’t want to be one to judge, but that is a huge number, and somewhat dubious. Admittedly though, it’s not as big as this sex goal, but a massive number nonetheless. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Before we move forward with this claim it must be pointed out that dictators aren’t exactly renowned for their honesty, need we say more (click here). And not only are they guilty of telling the odd tall story, they’re just a weird bunch of people and do peculiar things and have creepy habits. But the one thing about this fact is that Castro didn’t really make the claim himself. But it did come from someone close to the socialist leader.

While he was working on a documentary on the Cuban dictator, journalist Ian Helperin learned that Fidel Castro slept with 35,000 women from a former employee of the famous leader. If this is true, and although we do have our doubts, it would mean that he would have been a very busy man.

Let’s break down the figures. Former basketball star, Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have bed 20,000 women. Now, there’s no doubt that both men would have some sex appeal about them. Chamberlain was a tall, dark, attractive and well-known athlete that would have drawn adoring female fans just about everywhere he went. Castro, well, let’s just say the complete opposite in nearly every regard to Chamberlain, except he is of course significantly well known, especially in Cuba. And with an army at his disposal, somewhat persuasive.

So 35,000 women being laid by Fidel Castro does seem somewhat fanciful. But it must be remembered that he remained in office for a very long time. Five decades as leader of the Communist party in fact. Even if you remove the last decade, due to his advanced age, this still means that he would have had to have slept with two women every single day or night, which is certainly doable. There was really nothing stopping him from having a few massive sexual escapades like this woman did. At the rate of that woman, he could have reached the goal in a little over a month.

But alas. As with all claims by regimes that are as transparent as a brick wall, the figure is probably exaggerated somewhat. I’ve no doubt that it would be a large number, but 35,000 is a very big number for a man who is supposed to be very busy. Then again, maybe that’s the reason he looks so tired today.


Fidel Castro a Couché Avec 35000 Femmes


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