Hitler Had A Farting Problem

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hitler farting problem

Well all I can say is that the Nuremberg rallies would have been so much more entertaining if a microphone was placed behind Hitler’s butt. Then again, maybe this is the reason he is always yelling and screaming. Why you ask? Adolf Hitler had a farting problem. A real serious one at that.

Flatulence is an embarrassing and entertaining aspect of being a human. We all do it, yet it still remains entertaining. Even though it’s entertaining and we all do it, it’s a subject that hardly anyone wants to talk about. but throw a celebrity or super villain in there, and everyone wants to know about it.

Rarely can we control farting. Of course we can impact on the frequency, texture and odor by changing our diet, but we have very little control in any other way. On the odd occasion some people are susceptible to conditions with their digestive system that cause them to have a farting problem, just like Hitler did. But his was self inflicted!

According to documents that were authored by a German officer who dined with the tyrant at least 30 times at the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler had quite an appetite for cake. He would eat so much cake that it gave Hitler a farting problem. But it seems as though farting was only one problem that Hitler had.

According the this officer, a Lieutenant Colonel, Hitler had quite a few bad habits, and farting was the least of his concerns. He had a massive problem with biting his fingernails, and he would keep running his finger under his nose. Now these personal traits are a little concerning, but they only affected him. His table manners on the other hand were said to be atrocious. Now that’s something that impacts everyone invited to dine with him.

In reality however. If you were to dine with the embodiment of evil I think poor table manners, nail biting and rubbing your nose would be of least concern when compared to the farting problem that Hitler had.


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hitler farting problem


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