Giant Dragonflies

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giant dragonfly facts

There is a species of giant dragonfly in Australia that may surprise many readers, mainly due to its imposing size. This dragon fly is one of the largest in the world, dwarfing many other insect species. They inhabit the east coast of the island nation, spanning from the state of Victoria in the south up to the border of New South Wales and Queensland. These giant dragonflies are true giants on the insect kingdom. The males of the species have an abdomen that is 6 – 7.5 cm long, and the female of the species is around 2 cm longer. The wingspan of these massive insects is massive, stretching up to 11 cm (a little over 4 inches). But even though this insect is huge, even surpassing the size of many birds, the prehistoric ones were monsters in size, making this one look minuscule in comparison.

Could you just imagine this?

The ancient dragonfly had a wingspan of over 76 cm (30 inches). To put this into perspective for you, an average desk, perhaps one that you are sitting at right now, has a height of about 76 cm. When its wings are spread out they could touch the floor and the top of your desk.

But despite both these huge insects being potentially terrifying, there’s little to fear. The dragonflies, both the ancient one and the modern giant dragonfly, are both harmless. They posses no sting and will not bring any harm to humans.

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