Why Do Cheaters Cheat?

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Why Do Cheaters Cheat

Why do cheaters cheat? Well, to put it bluntly, it’s not because of the reasons that you may be thinking. In fact, there’s the chance that the one who was cheated on is partly responsible for the events that led to the terrible event.

Well, it seemed like the time to talk about a touchy subject. Love triangles. We often hear about them, and all have an opinion of them, but few f us ever have to actually contend with such a thing. And thank God for that.

Have you or someone you know ever been cheated on? If so the whole business can leave you in a confused and depressed way. You may lose your appetite, be unwilling to attend work or even go out in public. Your entire world has been instantly turned upside down. Now you’re looking for answers. Why do cheaters cheat.

Firstly we need to set aside the typical stereotypes that we have about unfaithful partners. There’s a perception that once a cheater, always a cheater. While it’s easier to believe this, it’s not always the truth. In fact, this preconceived notion of how cheaters behave can lead us to make hasty decisions.

So, why do cheaters cheat?

This might surprise a lot of men. If a woman is unfaithful to their partner many men think it’s because she is looking for more sex. While this can rarely be the case, often it’s not. The vast majority of women cheat for emotional reasons. These emotional reasons can be for things such as feeling unloved, under appreciated, forgotten by their partner and maybe even abused. Under most circumstances this is not an ideal situation for a relationship to be in, and action to repair it should be taken. But most couples don’t even realize what is going on.

If a woman is feeling this way she can be vulnerable to a sympathetic shoulder from a single person. This is where the problems take a nasty turn. Most women would either walk out of a relationship or begrudgingly continue on without a shoulder to cry on. Suddenly, where she was feeling depressed and unwanted, now she feels loved and appreciated. Before long things can begin to unfold faster than they even realize. Most women aren’t even aware of what they are doing, or even why they are doing it. Women who cheat don’t necessarily hate their partner, they most likely love them, they just need to feel loved, and this is something that someone has been able to do.

The main reason that men cheat is down to sex. Plain and simple. They want sex. The entire driving force of men is to multiply, and we’re not talking about the Stephen Hawkings style of multiplication. We are talking about down and dirty sex.

It’s not exactly a great big secret. When couples begin dating the sex is regular and often. But as time progresses we move from lust to love, and the sessions between the sheets begin to dwindle away. Time progresses and then we throw some children into the mix. We find ourselves caught between careers and family. Time for each other is a long distant memory, and more often than not, the female in the relationship is exhausted and just not interested in sex. This can be a recipe for disaster.

As men crave sex, a lack of sex can be a reason to look for it elsewhere. Where a woman will reach out to another person for an emotional attachment,  not a sexual one, a man will do it for sex, not for an emotional connection. All men want is sex, not a feeling of being loved and needed. In short, a man will continue to love their partner, they just want more sex.

While these are the main reasons that cheaters cheat, sometimes there are deeper issues at work. Some people just cheat, and it is in their nature. They will never be able to stop, no matter how much assistance they get. But for the reasons mentioned above, there is hope.

That’s right, a relationship can survive an affair. If a partner that has cheated is truly remorseful, ends the relationship with the other person and completely cuts off all contact with them, seeks a deeper relationship and seeks counselling, either alone or as a couple, wounds can be healed. Before long the relationship may be stronger than ever. But one point worth noting. Both parties should want this outcome, and it won’t be easy, it will be the most difficult thing that you have ever done.

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