James Bond Vs Godzilla Movies, Which Are There the Most Of?

More Godzilla Movies Than James Bond Movies

James Bond Vs Godzilla. No, we’re not talking about some kind of weird monster, spy thriller, action, science fiction cross over. What we are talking about when we say James Bond Vs Godzilla is which of the two has the most movies? Both have been around for a very long time, and both seem to have a huge compiled a ver long list of movies. So the big question is which has the most?

When it comes to movie franchises few surpass James Bond for its longevity. The first James Bond movie was released in 1962, making the franchise over 50 years old. So you’d be thinking that there would be more James Bond movies than any other, right? Well you’d be wrong. There are actually more Godzilla movies than there are James Bond films. The first Godzilla movie was released in 1954, making the franchise 60 years old, with one movie being released on average every two years.

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Good article, but might need a quick proof reading. Also, maybe specify which ‘Casino Royale’ to avoid confusion with one of the best films in the franchise.