Most Holy Water Contains Fecal Matter

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holy water fecal matter

Holy crap is this disturbing? So disturbing in fact it makes me wonder what I was getting myself into when I was younger and attending church. Most holy water contains fecal matter, we crap you not. But it’s not only fecal matter that holy water contains, it also contains other deadly bacteria that could send you straight to the doorstep of God if you decided to consume it.

A team of experts from the Institute of Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna conducted experiments on 21 holy springs Austria and 18 holy fonts in Vienna. After conducting the experiments they found that 86 percent of the holy water tested contains fecal matter. But that’s not the full extent of the contamination. The same study found that in every milliliter of the water there was up to an astounding 62 million bacteria spores. Some of the bacteria discovered was E. coli bacteria, Campylobacter and enterococci, all serious and debilitating if ingested. 

Why does holy water contain fecal matter?

The fecal matter in holy water and the other contaminants come from two main sources. One source was from agriculture, which was responsible for the nitrates contamination. The other was from us, people.

Not everyone is known for maintaining hygiene. While external appearances may fine, some of us lack common decency and sense after using a lavatory. This is clearly evident when visiting some bathrooms in restaurants where a sign is erected reminding staff to wash their hands after using the facilities. With the holy water placed at the door of the churches, and requiring all entrants into the church to place their hands into it, the bacteria and fecal matter build up rather quickly. Before long it becomes an unhealthy contaminant.

Alexander Kirschner, a microbiologist at the Medical University of Vienna, suggests that signs should be placed warning people not to drink the water. He also recommends frequent changing and adding salt to inhibit bacteria growth.

After reading all of this and now knowing that holy water contains fecal matter, I can guarantee that I will never ask for an exorcism, unless they agree to use bottled water instead.



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