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How Teddy Bears Got Their Name


When it comes to the lovable plush toy known as teddy bears, have you ever thought for a moment or two how teddy bears got their name? The favorite children’s toy of past time, the teddy bear, was named after US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. It got the name following an incident in November 1902 in Mississippi when he was attending a hunting trip as a guest of then Governor Andrew H. Longino.How Teddy Bears Got Their Name

Roosevelt had been hunting all day, and was pretty much the only person who had not yet shot an animal. A team of his attendants tracked down, with the help of hounds, cornered, clubbed and tied a black bear to a tree and called Roosevelt to the site. Roosevelt refused to shoot the animal claiming it was unsportsmanlike, but ordered the bear shot to put it out of misery. The media at the time picked up on the event and began satirising it in newspapers. Overtime the bear changed in size to become a cuter, and friendlier looking bear.

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