69% of People Will Work After Winning the Lottery

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Work After Winning The Lottery

Would you believe that a massive 69 percent of Americans would continue to work after winning the lottery? It may sound like a high percentage of people, but it’s true.

Imagine for just a moment. You purchased a ticket in the lottery. It’s something that you do on a regular basis. Of course you hope to win, but don’t really ever expect to strike it lucky. Then one night, bam, your numbers come up. You have just gone from being poor to a multimillionaire. What would you do? Would you continue to work after winning the lottery, or would you retire and live life to the fullest in relaxed luxury? If you said that you would retire, you are in the minority. Most people would keep working to some degree.

A Gallup poll that was conducted recently asked people what they would do if they had a lucky win. Of those polled, only 31 percent said that they would call it quits and stop working. The remainder, 69 percent said that they would continue to work after winning the lottery to some degree. It makes sense too.

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News articles are filled with tales of people who have not spent wisely after striking it rich. Most people are caught with money at their disposal that they have never had before. Spending reaches fever pitch, and before long the funds have dried up. For those who quit working, things have just turned sour. People who decided to continue working are more occupied with the daily grind, and have less time to spend money on things they don’t really need.

This poll also had other cool findings. Of those who said they will continue to work, two thirds said they would continue working in the same job. One third said that they would look for a new career, or project.

The poll also discovered differences when it came to age. The younger people polled were more likely to continue working. While people over 55 had a higher response to quitting work.


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