It’s Illegal To Own 6 Or More Sex Toys In Texas

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illegal to own 6 or more sex toys texas

If visiting Texas it might be helpful to know that it is illegal to own six or more sex toys while in Texas. This is a serious law, with severe consequences if broken. But it does raise more than just the one odd question. Like who would need more than one sex toy, how do they enforce the law, and why is it even illegal to own six or more sex toys when in Texas?

Before we proceed into this particular fact, we must state that it is not a sexist one. That is, it doesn’t target any particular sex at all. Both males and females can own sex toys, and the actual law also mentions artificial genitalias. So they essentially have both sexes covered.

Sexual aides are a difficult conversation for many people. To be honest, sex itself, although as natural as eating and pooping can also be difficult to talk about. But few things are as embarrassing as sex toys, especially if you get caught with one, or worse, more than one. The embarrassment of getting caught can even turn into a criminal charge if you are caught with six or more of the items, and the people who catch you are law enforcement officers.

The law in Texas that bans sex toys and fake genitalias is part of the Penal Code, Offenses Against Public Order and Decency, in the Prostitution subsection. Yep, you didn’t mistake the final couple of words. Apparently those in power think any man or woman that isn’t satisfied with one, two or five sex toys is a hooker.

Realistically this would rarely be the case. These items are not lie a piece of clothing that you get to try before you buy (yuck!), or get to return if it’s the wrong fit or feel (double yuck). The situation is one in which if you make the wrong choice, you have to live with it. This buy try methodology can lead to an abundance of toys in only a short period of time. Get the drift of how easy it would be to break this law?

The chances of actually being caught would be pretty slim. You would basically need to be the subject of a search warrant, or caught carrying an excessive amount all at the same time. But if you are caught there is an escape clause. If you can prove that they have literary, artistic, political, and scientific value the law approves the collection.


illegal to own 6 or more sex toys texas


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