James Franco Got a D in Acting

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Believe it or not, but Oscar nominee James Franco got a D in acting from NYU. What is even more spectacular is that he achieved this grade while he was actually starring in his Oscar nominated performance in “127 Hours.” That’s the film where he had to cut off his arm.

Why did James Franco get a D in acting?

There are a couple of conflicting reasons as to why James Franco got a D in acting. Firstly, it may have been jealousy or envy on behalf of his professor. It has been claimed that his acting professor was not very happy at having a well known and famous actor in his class, and that is the reason for his poor grade. The second claim is that he deserved it. The reason that he kind of deserved to fail in that semester is because he had a lot of absent days, caused by the filming of his movie. By missing a lot of days he was not suitably present to fulfill his requirements to complete the course.

If you think it ended there, it didn’t. In the end his professor was sacked by the university and he is now suing them claiming that he was sacked because he gave James Franco a D in acting. He claims that he gave James Franco the grade because of the number of absent days, and not because of envy or jealousy.

Ultimately though his grade doesn’t really matter. He has been judged by the public and his peers as a more than capable actor. Even if his grade were to haunt his career, Academy Award winning actress, Sandra Bullock, also won a Razzie for worst actress the same year she won the Oscar for best actress.



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