Johnny Knoxville Is Inbred

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johnny-knoxville-inbredOne of the stars of Jackass, Johnny Knoxville, is inbred. Seriously, he really is inbred. If you learned something of this magnitude how do you think you would handle things? I mean, it can have some pretty weird mutations, like this. But you’d be surprised with Knoxville’s reaction.

Knoxville was born and raised in a rural mountain region of Tennessee. He had a somewhat daredevil approach to life after staring death in the face as a young child. The poor guy suffered a bout of flu, pneumonia and bronchitis simultaneously. That life threatening experience led him to work on his dangerous stunts.

Knoxville wanted to, like many of us, explore his ancestry. He hired a top US genealogist to delve into his families past, which is a pity because he could have got a cheap incest app if he lived in Iceland. What the genealogist discovered came as a shock to him, and he was not really prepared to give Knoxville the bad news. It appeared as though his family had an extremely incestuous past.

How inbred is Johnny Knoxville?

The genealogist called Knoxville in to tell him the bad news about his family. He asked him to sit down and then proceeded to tell him that there was inbreeding in his family. To be more precise, the genealogist told Johnny Knoxville that there’s a significant amount of inbreeding in his family. Now if that were most people receiving that kind of news they would most likely be shocked. But not Knoxville. He was happy and had tears rolling down his face. As Knoxville recalls of the meeting.

He calls me in… and he goes, ‘Sit down, you know in these rural mountain regions you come from, no one ever goes into the community and no one ever leaves the community… so it’s not uncommon that there’s in-breeding in those communities.’ I said, ‘Is there in-breeding in my family?’ and he says, ‘A significant amount.’

Just because Johnny Knoxville is inbred doesn’t make him a freak. His stunts on Jackass however…


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