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Did Kanye Score 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team? No

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kanye 106 points

Kanye West didn’t score 106 points against a team of wheelchair bound kids in a game of basketball. Although it certainly sounds plausible and seems like something Kanye would do, the story is a complete fabrication. So what was the basis for this rumor and where did it begin.

I love facts nearly as much as Kanye loves Kanye, which is why I initially thought this was true. But it didn’t take long to discover that it was just a satirical story over recent events.

In September 2014 while performing a concert in Sydney, Australia, Kanye caused a stir of controversy be demanding that all the audience stand and dance before he started performing. He then proceeded to single out two individuals who remained seated. Person 1 promptly raised a prosthetic leg to which Kanye said “OK,” but he continued with the other person. This was despite members of the audience clearly motioning like in a game of charades that this person was in fact wheelchair bound. Perhaps this illustrates that Kanye is not the ideal partner for a game of charades. The three minute ordeal finally ended when security realized that the person was confined to a wheelchair. So what did Kanye do?

Kanye, upon realizing that the fan was in a wheelchair then started the concert. Cool, right? But he didn’t apologize for his rude behavior. So this is where the satirical story about Kanye scoring 106 points in a game of basketball against wheelchair kids came from.

The article which appeared in satirical news site “The Daily Currant” explains that he decided to smooth over relations with the disabled community with a charity game of basketball against wheelchair kids from a middle school. It then goes onto explain that he screwed this up by scoring  total of 106 points.

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