The Lake Duck Has The Largest wiener Relative To Body Size

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lake duck largest vertebrate wiener relative to body size

We already know which man has the largest wiener in the world, and which animal has the worlds largest wiener, but do you know what animal has the largest wiener relative to its body size? As we have already read, the blue whale has the largest wiener of all the animals in the world, but it is also the largest animal in the world, so one would expect it to posses a very large wiener. As for Jonah Falconer and his terrifying beast that measures longer than most school rulers, although he stretches far beyond the average man, by comparison to the length of his body he doesn’t even come close to the world leader among vertebrates. The animal with the worlds largest wiener relative to the size of its body is the Lake duck, a native duck of South America.

Just how big is this ducks wiener? One specimens wiener measured a remarkable 42.5 cm (17 inches) long, while for the average duck it will measure  about 20 cm (8 inches), and both of those measurements were when the ducks wiener was flaccid! While both measurements would put most men to shame, especially the larger specimen, a few questions remain. Where do they put their wiener to protect if from damage if it is so big, and why is it so big?

While most birds don’t have a wiener, ducks are one of the few birds that do. The wiener of the lake duck is a long corkscrew. When the wiener is flaccid it can store it curled up inside the cloaca. Besides having an extremely long corkscrewed wiener, the head of the wiener is also has bristle tips. It is believed that the extremely long wiener combined with the bristle tips allows the male to clean the females reproductive organ from competitors sperm, in a similar fashion that using a bottle brush cleans a bottle.

Surprisingly, the female lake duck has a corkscrew reproductive organ , which turns in the opposite direction which makes forced sex almost impossible.

To put the length of this ducks wiener into comparison, it would be the equivalent of a man having a wiener that is 3.5 m (12 feet) long!



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