Leonardo DaVinci Bought Caged Animals To Set Them Free

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leonardo da vinci caged animals

Leonardo DaVinci bought caged animals at the markets just to set them free. This was an unusual trait for a man living in the late 15th to early 16th century. So why was he so different?

Leonardo DaVinci is renowned for his intellect and artistic talent, creating masterpieces in art and invention. The intricate detail of his works have left people in awe for generations. Particularly when it comes to his art work. It’s as if the man had a special connection, or a deeper understanding of the natural world around him. It’s perhaps for this reason that he had a greater degree of compassion for animals than many of his contemporaries.

But Leonardo DaVinci didn’t only buy caged animals at the markets to set them free. He seemed to literally love them and wish them no harm at all. He was, in fact, a strict vegetarian, and followed an extremely strict diet that forbid the eating of meat. Again, this was a trait that varied so much from the majority of people at the time. I’m sure that PETA would love to have him as their poster boy for animal love, if it weren’t for his inventions and designs of military equipment. Here’s a little more information about the man.

He was born the illegitimate son of a 25 year old notary and a peasant girl in the town of Vinci, just outside Florence, Italy. Even though he was illegitimate, his father took care of him from the time that he was an infant, and his mother moved to another town and married. This proved to be beneficial to both Leonardo and the rest of the world, Due to his fathers occupation he gained access scholarly journals which furthered his education. Not only that, but Vinci was highly regarded for its artistic flair, something that definitely rubbed off on a young man.

Late in his life he suffered from paralysis in his right hand. But this didn’t keep him from his work. He continued to teach and draw until his death on May 2, 1519.


leonardo da vinci caged animals


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