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Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

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16 Little Known and Fun Presidential Facts

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It may seem strange that such an opportunity should be passed over. To bring down the leader of an army would surely aid in victory. But to purposely shoot an officer was ungentlemanly behaviour. It was almost unheard of to purposely bring down an officer. That being said, a month later at the final engagement at the Battle of Saratoga, British general Simon Fraser was shot down by sniper Timothy Murphy. Murphy was following the instructions of general Benedict Arnold who has seen general Fraser rousing his troops. Perhaps it was just an example of Arnold’s own morals.

Had Ferguson taken his shot and killed Washington at the battle, or even wounded him history could have been completely different. Washington would not have regrouped at Valley Forge, and the Continental army may have never formed into a well organised, disciplined fighting force. Britain may have won the war.


3 The S In Harry S Truman Stands For S

The S In Harry S Truman Stands For S

Most of us have a middle name, even though the only time we ever use it is in official documents. Occasionally though, some people will adopt their second name as the name that they go by, and sometimes some people will use just the initial as part of their name. Just like Homer J Simpson and Harry S Truman. We get used to saying their names like that, and it seems to just roll of the tongue. But from time to time the initial is just sitting there just for the sake of saying it, as if it’s only there for a kind of decoration.

In one episode of the Simpsons Homer goes on a quest to discover what his middle initial, J stands for. It turned out it stood for Jay. So what does the S stand for in Harry S Truman? It’s a little weird, and doesn’t even go as far as the Simpsons. The “S” in Harry S Truman stands for S. But why?

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