The Longest Sneezing Fit Ever Recorded Lasted 978 Days

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Longest Sneezing Fit everWould you believe that the longest sneezing fit ever recorded lasted a whopping 978 days? As amazing as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. The poor unfortunate woman who suffered for over two agonizing years was Donna Griffiths from Worcestershire, England.

For many of us who suffer a bout of the sniffles it usually lasts no more than a few minutes at a time. During that time we no doubt find it annoying, and completing even the simplest of tasks becomes near impossible. On the rare occasion we may fall foul of hay fever or other allergies that may cause us to sneeze for several weeks on end. However, these fits are treatable and subject to seasonal changes. The same can be said for when we catch a cold or flu which can cause a bout of sneezing that can last a few days. We usually recover without intervention, but if we decide to intervene with medication we can successfully. But poor unfortunate Donna Griffiths had no such workable solution at her disposal. So how bad must have it have been for poor Donna Griffiths, not to mention her friends and family who also had to endure the annoyance of constant sneezing?

How long was there between sneezes while she set the longest sneezing fit ever recorded?

In the beginning of her record setting longest sneezing fit she poor Donna sneezed about once every minute. If she continued at that rate, although it’s not exactly at breakneck speed, it means she would have sneezed a jaw dropping 1,408,320 times. You can watch a short video of her a video from YouTube below. Please excuse the Muppets, this is the only known video available of Donna sneezing.

On another note. Did you know that your heart doesn’t stop beating when you sneeze? It’s a very common  myth that has been circulating online for quite some time now. It was suggested as the reason why people say bless you, but is false. Read our link for the real reason why people say bless you after sneezing.



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