Masturbation World Record Holder Masanobu Sato, Masturbated For Nearly 10 Hours

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masanobu sato record masturbating

The yearly Masturbateathon is the birth place of the masturbation world record holding champion. A young man from Japan who holds the shameful, and dubious title of being the world champion mat=sturbator, all because he masturbated for longer than anyone else, ever. To put it plainly, if I spent as much time playing with myself, not only would I have aching hands, arms and shoulders, I would be covered in blisters, both on the palms of my hands, and also where the sun shouldn’t shine. So how long did this person self pleasure for?

It seems as though there is a record for just about anything these days, and world champions to boot. Even when it comes to a taboo subject, some people completely lack any shame Meet Masanobu Sato, a young man from Japan who holds the record for masturbating far longer than anyone else who has ever lived, or at least been brave enough to confess publicly that they fiddle with their diddle for what can only be described as an excessively long time. Don’t get me wrong. There are two types of men in this world, fools and liars. Those who say that they self pleasure are fools, and those who say that they don’t are liars. It looks as though Masanobu Sato may very well be a fool.

Masanobu Sato from Japan holds the world record because he self pleasured for 9 hours and 57 minutes at the Masturbateathon. Yeah, nearly ten full hours! Like WTF? Most men would find it nearly impossible to sustain an erection for more than 30 minutes, let alone ten long hours. He achieved this record at the Masturbateathon, which is a yearly event put on by the Center for Sex and Culture.

So I guess you are probably thinking that this guy is a weird, desperate and lonely single. Think again. He is in a steady relationship. What does his girlfriend think of his hobby and masturbation world champion title? Surprisingly she is proud and supportive of her man.



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