Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Pregnant Women

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mosquitoes attracted

Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women? Sure, we’ve all been a snack of the deadly little insect from time to time, and even the most oblivious person would have observed that they do have a preference for some people over others. So you have to ask the question, why do they prefer some people over others, and specifically why are mosquitoes attracted to pregnant women?

Along with some others, mosquitoes certainly are one of this world’s true vampires. While they seldom bleed an animal dry, they are still the deadliest creature on earth. This is because of the deadly viruses that they carry and transmit. It takes only one bite to contract a potentially lethal disease. Which makes the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women even more worrisome.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that these little bloodsuckers prefer one meal over another. Humans, for example, have a genetic preference for sweet food, which can result in health problems. But unlike humans, taste has little to do with it. For this insect, it’s more about the ease and quality of the meal.

Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women for two main reasons. Both of these reasons have nothing to do with taste and are simply the result of being pregnant. But they cpuld try repelling them with this natural remedy.

When a woman is pregnant not only is she carrying around more weight, but she is providing life for two people. This requires the woman to produce more oxygen, which means that she also produces more carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide. The second reason is heat. Being pregnant slightly increases body temperature. A warmer body is far more appealing to a mosquito. Combine these two ingredients and a pregnant woman would look like a 5 Michelin star restaurant to a mosquito.


Mosquitoes Attracted to Pregnant


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