Mothers of the Manchu People Would Perform Oral sex on Babies

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manchu mothers baby fallatio

Is it just me that thinks there’s something wrong with this? The mothers of the Manchu people would perform oral sex on their babies during the dynastic era. They really would literally place the wiener of their baby in their own mouth and begin to stimulate it! Sure, if you’re like me you would have instantly been repulsed and shocked at what was just printed. But should we be? After all, it’s common for other cultures to have completely different traditions and customs, even when it comes to sexuality.

Why do Manchu mothers perform oral sex on their babies?

Well, we’ve just mentioned about different cultures having different morals. This just has to be one of the more starker ones. The Manchu are a minority Chinese people who originate from Manchuria. Just like Western cultures, they have some taboos. Where kissing in public in many Western societies is accepted, the Manchu regard kissing as a sexual act, always a sexual act. To kiss on the street corner in Manchuria would be no different to having full on sex on the same street corner. It would be just wrong, on so many levels. This goes for kissing children and babies too. They would see it as a sexual act on the child perpetrated by an adult, and find it revolting. But what would be acceptable, but oh so wrong in Western culture, would be to perform oral sex on the infant.

When in public or private, it was customary for Manchu mothers to perform oral sex on their male babies, and to tickle the genitals of their female babies. They did this because it wasn’t seen as being sexual at all. There was no incest intended or even involved in the act. A Manchu mother would never kiss their baby on the face, because to do so would be to perform a sexual act.




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manchu mothers baby child fallatio



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