Donald Duck Uses A Towel After A Shower, Why?

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donald duck towel

Donald Duck and towels. They seem to be quite a comical connection. No, we’re not talking about the towels that you can buy with a picture of the cantankerous duck on them. We’re talking about him wearing a towel after taking a bath or shower. As unusual as it may possibly sound, this duck that routinely gallabants around half naked, from the waist down. So why does Donald Duck wear a towel after bathing?

I must admit. As a child I never put two and two together when I saw him get out of a shower and grab a towel. He didn’t exactly have anything to cover up that isn’t already uncovered. But suppose for a moment that Donald Duck wasn’t using his towel to cover his modesty. Perhaps he was using it to prevent water from spreading all about his house. To me that seems like a logical explanation as to why he wears a towel after bathing. But there is still the odd occasion where he has dried himself and still covers up. It’s rather complexing and goes even further than just bathing and towels.

As you can see from the picture, Donald Duck, when there is no need for a towel will cover his privates. He does this again even though he never wears pants. Oh Disney, you sure know how to confuse the public. We only need to look at what you have done with the many classic tales such as Aladdin, who was Chinese to see how confusing you can be to the general public.

Tell us what you think. Why do you think Donald Duck wears a towel after cleaning himself. Is it for modesty or to prevent the spread of water.


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