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Muhammad Has Been Hidden in South Park Opening Credits for Years

muhammad in south park opening credits

Muhammad has been in the South Park opening credits for years. Although the prophet of Islam isn’t exactly front and center, he is there, and it’s really a case of once seen, you will always see him.

Sometimes the warriors of freedom are the most unlikely of people. In a lot of cases, when I think of someone fighting for the rights and privileges that I take for granted, I think of a soldier fighting on the front lines. The next image in line is of a lawyer, arguing the case before a panel of judges. A lot o the time however, the people who resist censorship and political injustice are the very same people who you would least expect. They are the publishers of pornography, the creators of politically incorrect films and books, and writers and comedians. This is where the two creators of South Park enter the picture. Unlikely heroes who are better known for upsetting everyone are the very people who are fighting for our right to publish what we want.

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