Play Doh Was Originally Made For Cleaning Wallpaper

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Every child enjoys modelling with play doh. In fact, not only children enjoy modelling with play doh, many adults also enjoy playing with the stuff, and even make a career out of it by way of clay made animation. But did you know that play doh was initially designed to clean wallpaper? When the inventors of play doh, Joe McVicker and Noah McVicker first designed the modelling clay it was intended to be used to clean wallpaper. It’s re-usability, elasticity and tackiness made it a perfect cleaner for wall paper. Due to play doh’s similarity to other modelling clays, its non toxicity and ease in cleaning up afterwards, compared to others modelling compounds on the market, Joe McVicker re-released the play doh as a toy. Play doh as a toy made Joe McVicker a millionaire before his 27th birthday.

Play doh initially came in only an off white colour. The colour samples were expanded to include red, yellow and blue by 1957. Joe McVicker, along with his brother Noah McVicker were granted a patent for their invention ten years after it was first introduced in 1955.

You too can make your own non toxic play doh. All you need is 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, 1 table spoon of cream of tartar (optional), 2 table spoons of vegetable oil and food colouring added to 2 cups of water. Simply combine all the ingredients and mix over low heat until it is no longer sticky. Remove from the heat and kneed the dough until it forms a smooth consistency. That’s it, now you have some non toxic play doh.



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