When Does The rectum Develop In A Fetus? First Basically

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When Does The rectum Develop In A Fetus

When does the rectum develop in a fetus? OK, now that we have got this rather odd question to answer it’s probably best that we try and answer it. But there’s one thing to note. You might not like the answer or the implications of it.

When we are developing in the womb, we start off as a microscopic dot. But we don’t stay that way for long. Within nine months we have outgrown our temporary home, and our welcome, and enter the world screaming. The process however, from conception to birth is a complicated one. We don’t just start out as a tiny human looking being. We are far more unappealing, almost alien like in the beginning.

As we are developing inside the comfortable womb of our mothers, many major changes take place. Over time we grow our limbs, organs, and orifices. But what many of you may want to know is, when does the rectum develop in a fetus?

So when does the rectum develop in a fetus?

OK. We did try and warn you, so try and be ready. When embryos develop there are two types. There are deuterostomes and protostomes. Protostomes comprise mostly of invertebrate animals, such as insects and worms, while the deuterostomes are vertebrates, like cats, dogs and humans. The first opening to develop in protostomes is the mouth, while the first in the deuterostomes is the rectum. Humans, I am sad to say, are definitely deuterostomes. That means, that humans develop the rectum first of all openings in the body, and this occurs at about the nine week mark. So what does this mean?

Well, umm. Now that you know this fact you now know two things. Firstly, you know when the rectum develops in a fetus. That’s fairly handy to know if you are, like a mad scientist or something. Secondly, and this is the tricky part. It means that at one point in your life, you were nothing but an asshole, quite literally.

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When Does The rectum Develop In A Fetus


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