Tongue Prints Are Unique To Everyone

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tongue prints are unique

Did you know that all tongue prints are unique? I bet that you didn’t even know that there were even tongue prints. But the thing is, we haven’t known about them for very long.

The human tongue has many features that we have known about for a very long time. It helps us eat our food by pushing it around our mouths, and it helps form words. It can also be used to make funny faces. But until relatively recently we had no real knowledge about the ridges and texture of that formed special unique tongue prints.

Tongue prints are unique to every person

Just like finger prints, no two tongue prints are the same. This means that your tongue print is unique, and no other person alive will have the same print. A recent paper from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, has revealed that recent technological advancements have allowed for the first database of tongue prints to be established. At the time the paper was published, 134 individual tongue prints had been gathered and stored for analysis.

Obviously the collection of tongue prints is a difficult, lengthy and costly procedure. It’s for these reasons, and the fact that very few people will ever leave a mark from it laying around,  that it will probably never make it into a crime detection kit.



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