Sean Connery Wore A Wig In All James Bond Films

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sean connery wig james bond

Did you know that Sean Connery wore a wig as James Bond? It’s not something that is clearly visible in each film, which is kind of the point. It blended in seamlessly with his natural hair. So why then did Sean Connery have to wear a wig as James Bond? To put it simply, he was as bald as a badger.

Sean Connery started going bald at a very young age. At a time when most young men are only worried about one thing, sex, poor Mr Connery had an additional concern on the top of his head. Baldness. The unfortunate genetic trait affected him at an age much earlier than most face, but it didn’t stop his ambitious acting career. It seems as though it didn’t worry him one single bit.

OK, I get it. Baldness isn’t really that big a deal unless you are the one going through it. In fact, many modern day tough guys are completely bald, shaving their head so that they don’t reveal the infamous balding crown. But people haven’t always taken that route, and just as in time gone by when a hairy male chest was once the image of a masculine man, times change. Now a hairless, muscle bound chest is the preferred image, and a wig or toupee is the object of derision and ridicule, just ask Donald Trump. However, from time to time the script requires a certain image for the character, and James Bond called for a fully haired man.

Ever since the first Bond movie was released there has only ever been one actor that owns the role, and that person is Sean Connery. In all truth, it was the role that made him famous. If it weren’t for James Bond, wig or not, Sean Connery may never have become the A grade bankable actor that he became. There’s every chance that he could have remained a bit, or small screen actor.

Even though Sean Connery word a wig in all James Bond films that he was in, he never wears one while in public, or private.



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