Some Babies Are Born with Teeth

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babies born with teeth

Most people usually end life the same way they begin it. Bald and with no teeth. But just as some old people manage to pass away with some teeth, some babies are born with teeth. That’s right, the usual toothless, gummy birth of a baby can sometimes result in a baby with one or more teeth at birth. But is this normal, common and does it mean anything?

Centuries ago a baby that was born with teeth would have been killed by its parents as it was either a bad omen, or the child was considered to be a demon. Thankfully modern science has proven that there’s no demonic possession of the child, and it’s a completely natural, but rare thing.

While most babies are born without teeth some can be born with a tooth already present. Although it’s not a very common occurrence, it can still happen from time to time. Babies born with teeth occurs about once in every 3000 births. But why are some babies born with teeth?

It is because the teeth of a baby start growing 6 months before birth. Also contributing to the teeth at birth is the fact that the teeth are usually in a closer position to the surface of the gums than is normally the case. It can even have some benefits for the parents, if it doesn’t have any benefit for the baby.

If a baby is born with one or two teeth already present it can offer the parents of the newborn child a little reprieve. Obviously it will result in one or two less teeth to have to contend with during teething, which can be a traumatic experience for both parent and baby.

Now that is amazing.


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