Emus Poke People and Run Away As if It’s a Game

emu poke

Image: Funnywildlife.com

This is freaking cool. The native animal of Australia, and second largest bird in the world, the emu, pokes people and other animals with its beak, then it runs away. This came as a surprise to me, so I instantly wanted to know more about this weird behavior. I mean, most animals of prey tend to try and avoid anything that could possibly eat them. Being the next meal isn’t exactly the best way to ensure your gene pool continues to flourish throughout the generations.

When you first think of an emu I bet that you think of some cute, cuddly, docile bird. If this is the image that you thought of, you better wipe it from your mind. They are in fact a dangerous animal, and one best not to come into close contact with in the wild.

While its dangerous nature is not as well known as many of the other deadly animals that Australia has, such as snakes, crocodiles, spiders and drop bears, they posses several distinct features that would render you either seriously injured, or seriously dead. Standing about the same height as a human, they have amazingly strong legs. At the end of these legs there are five inch talons. When angered, an emu has the power, and equipment to tear a hole through a steel fence, or completely disembowel you. They are so tough that the Australian Army even lost a war against them.

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