Steve Jobs Soaked His Feet In A Toilet

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steve jobs soak feet in toilet

Why? I mean…. How??? Who could???? Why??? Why oh why oh why? I can’t get my head around this. The late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs used to soak his feet in a toilet. I mean, I know the reason he did it, that is, I know his reason why he soaked his feet in a toilet, but I can’t figure out why anyone would want to soak their feet in a toilet. Generally speaking, if I place something in the toilet I don’t really want it back, let alone touch it ever again.

In a recent biography about Steve Jobs, it has been revealed that he didn’t have the best hygiene in the world, and was  actually fairly well known for it. During his time at Atari, before he started his venture into Apple, he was placed on the night shift because of his body odor. It turns out that nobody wanted to work with him because he, well, stank. Jobs convinced himself that his vegan diet meant that he only had to shower once a week and he didn’t need to wear deodorant.

Why would Steve Jobs soak his feet in a toilet?

As we have mentioned already, poor hygiene was only part of the deal with Jobs. He also routinely took off his shoes while at work and would even sometimes soak his feet in a toilet to relieve stress. This habit didn’t end with his employment at Atari either. Often in meetings at Apple he would make his colleagues uncomfortable by opening the door to his executive toilet suite and plunge his feet into the toilet bowl water.

One question remains about Steve Jobs soaking his feet in toilets. Why didn’t someone stop him?


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