Steve Jobs Signature Was Inside Every Macintosh PC

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steve jobs signature inside mac

Steve Jobs signature was inside every Mac. It seriously was. You won’t find it present in any Apple product today, not because he has now passed away, but because it was restricted to a few models. So why exactly is Steve Jobs signature inside a Mac? In short, art.

Imagine yourself working on something new and amazing. The thing you are working on has the ability to change the dynamics of how people work and play. You’d be proud of your creation, and no doubt, proud of yourself too. But apart from knowing that you had a hand in creating it, how would anyone ever know? You would need to stamp not only your authority on your creation, but also your name. What better way to do that than the artists way.

When an artist creates a masterpiece they will place their own unique mark on it, usually their signature. It identifies the work as being theirs, and everyone who looks at it will know who made it. This was in part the idea behind Steve Jobs signature in every Mac. He thought the Macintosh computer was a piece of art, and should receive an artist signature. But how did he sign it? Surely the signature would have faded by now.

It’s not only Steve Jobs signature in a Mac, but the signature of everyone who worked on the machine.What he did was get everyone who worked on the new machine to sign a piece of paper. The piece of paper was then used as a template for a metal plate that was going to be inserted inside every Macintosh computer. That’s how the signature got inside the machines and why they will never fade away. They are a permanent mark to his teams work.

So if you’re lucky enough to have one laying, don’t throw it away. The chances are that a Mac with Steve Jobs signature inside it will now be worth quite a few dollars. Especially considering that he is no longer with us.


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steve jobs signature inside mac


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