The Rates Of Suicide For Women With Breast Implants Are Three Times Higher

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breast implants suicide ratesThis is a rather disturbing fact. There appears to be a disturbing correlation between breast implants and suicide rates.

Oh boob jobs. They have given men with a lack of imagination something else to do with their minds for decades. And women who are as flat as a pool table, something to flaunt. But while they are pretty to look at, and can provide a lot of women with an increase in self confidence, the link between suicide rates and breast implants is a trend that warrants attention.

Normally when you think about deaths from breast implants the first thing that comes to mind is breast cancer. But what if we said that there was another, more alarming trend? Would you believe that women who have breast implants are at least three times more likely to commit suicide than those without? These were the finding of an eight year Swedish study that followed 3527 women with breast implants. But that wasn’t the only finding from the study. Even more shocking discoveries were to be made.

The Swedish study into women with breast implants and the rate of committing suicide also revealed other disturbing findings. It also found that there was an increase in deaths from drug and alcohol dependence. There was also what they call an excess of deaths from injuries sustained from substance abuse and dependency. Another amazing finding from the study is that most of the suicides don’t occur until ten years after they were implanted. But one question remains. Do the breast implants cause cause suicides?

The study authors believe that the implants are not directly related to suicides and substance abuse. It’s their belief that there is often an underlying psychiatric condition in many women who undergo cosmetic surgery. They believe that their findings warrant both pre and post implant monitoring for anyone considering cosmetic implants

Suicide is without a doubt a terrible thing, and it can strike anyone, even the most unlikely of people. If you or someone you care about needs help, please reach out to an organisation for assistance. There is, and will only ever be one of you.




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