The Best Cricket Player Ever

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Australian Cricket player Donald Bradman is often regarded as the best batsman, and sometimes the best cricketer that has ever lived. He was so good that the rules of the game were altered following a cricket series in Australia in 1932-1933 between Australia and Great Britain that became known as “Bodyline.” Following his complete domination over the English team the Brits decided to bowl short and at the body, meaning they would make the ball aim at his head, while placing all the fielders in the only direction left to hit the ball. The plan did succeed to some extent, but the authorities of the sport felt this was un-sportsman like and altered the rules following the series.

Bradmans career was interupted midway through by World War II so it could have been much more spectacular. Some of his amazing achievements include a score of 334 in which he made nearly all runs in one day. To put this into comparison, if it was a baseball match he would have scored about 100 home runs. He also holds the highest batting average of 99.94, almost double any other play ever. He would have attained what is regarded as a perfect average of 100 had he scored just four more runs in his career. His final score was 0…




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