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The Definition of Bae in Danish is Poop

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danish bae definition

There’s little doubt, at least in my own twisted mind, that one of the most annoying terms of endearment that have been adopted, or, in this case, invented, is the  simple and annoying word, bae. But until relatively recently most people thought it was the ideal word for the person closest to your heart. But before you next utter it to your beloved, beware of what the definition of bae in Danish is. To tell you the truth, once you learn the less than delightful Danish definition of bae you will be less inclined to call your loved on that distasteful word again, and will most probably reserve it for your ex.

So I guess you are now wondering what it is about the word bae that is just so completely terrible. Well apart from it sounding terrible, and looking even worse to read,  it means no less than poop in Danish. Yes, poop. That brown colored stuff that you deposit into a toilet on a daily basis, and downright stinks. Poop.

This really shouldn’t come as a great surprise to anyone. Apart from translations between different languages at times coming up with some incredibly interesting translations, the word itself is so annoying that it should be the definition of poop in English as well. In English it’s just a dumb word for your partner.

So I can now imagine that a lot of people would have gone to Google translate to see if this particular fact is true or not. We don’t mind, and knock your socks off looking. But the thing is that Google translate won’t return a translated result. It will just show bae in the English translation. But why?

Well, it all has to do with the structure of the word. The word bae is spelled with a b an a and an e. All three letters are recognizable in the Danish definition of bae, but it is spelled bæ. The a and e are joined, and that character isn’t present in our alphabet.

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