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There’s an Island in India That Kills Visitors

island in india that kills visitors

Image courtesy Indian Coast Guard

Jeepers creepers, this looks like it comes straight out of a 1970’s horror movie. Would you believe that there’s an island in India that kills visitors when they arrive? This terrifying island isn’t exactly overpopulated, or the number one tourist destination on all travel agents websites. Yet is one of the most frightening, and unforgivable places that you could possibly find yourself.

North Sentinel Island is the destination that you must avoid if you value your life. Located in the Bay of Bengal, its inhabitants can be best described as less than welcoming. In fact, just about every encounter with the Sentinelese people has resulted in conflict.

North Sentinel Island is a semi autonomous area of India. While the territory technically belongs to India, due to the ferocity of the islands inhabitants, the island practically has its own form of self government. It doesn’t have an official language, and no one knows for sure just how many people live there. Some estimates place the population from 40 up to 500. Most estimates place the figure somewhere between 250 and 300. But what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in ferocity.

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