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Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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10 Deadliest Theme Park Accidents

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The ten deadliest theme park accidents in history. When it comes to theme parks and amusement rides we all know that there’s an element of risk involved. That’s part of the thrill. Even though there are plenty of safety features and procedures in place, sometimes the unthinkable happens. Here’s our list of the ten deadliest theme park accidents in history.

10 Water Slide at Waterworld USA – California, USA. June 2, 1997 – 1 Death 32 injured

While there are plenty of tragedies at theme parks that claim one life, what sets this apart from those many sad events is the high number of injuries.

Waterslides are rarely thought to be dangerous, however they are often more dangerous than many mechanical rides. A combination of poor safety controls, water, a more relaxed atmosphere, many low walls, speed, twists and turns make for a recipe for disaster. In fact, waterslides often contribute to more injuries than many other rides such as roller coasters.

On June 2, 1997 a group of graduating seniors had attended Waterworld in California. 33 of them had gathered on one slide when all of a sudden it gave way beneath them. All 33 of the students plummeted and a 17 year old male lost his life. The remaining 32 were all injured and attended hospital. At the graduation ceremony 17 of the students attended in wheelchairs.


Teen killed 32 injured

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