Is Tweety Bird Male Or Female? Plus Did You Know He Was Named Orson?

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tweety bird male or female

Is Tweety Bird male or female? It might surprise many of you to know that Tweety Bird is in fact a male. I know that it’s not exactly an earth shattering quest to find an answer to, but the cartoon does make you wonder. It has never specifically mentioned his gender, nor has the high pitched voice laid the foundation of him being male of female.

We were first introduced to Tweety in a 1942 short film called a Tale of Two Kitties. Apart from the distinctive voice, you would hardly recognize the bird that would go on to become the ever sought after meal of Sylvester. Why? Tweety was called Orson and was pink.

That’s right. In Tweety’s debut appearance he was called Orson. He wasn’t yellow, but was pink, and he wasn’t chased by Sylvester. His nemeses for the short were Babbit and Catstello, a take on comedy duo Abbot and Costello. But the initial differences didn’t end there. The Tweety we are most familiar with is a pet canary. The original Tweety was a generic and wild baby bird from a nest. Oh my, did he ever so manage to evolve a great deal over such a short period of time.

But thew achievements of Tweety don’t just end there. Not unlike Bart SImpson, he even had a hit single in 1951. The song was called “I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat,” and was performed by Mel Blanc and Billy May’s orchestra. The song featured both Tweety and Sylvester and may have led to the question of whether Tweety Bird is male or female. This is because in the song Sylvester called Tweety Sweetie Pie, with his rather pronounced speech impediment. But there are other possible reasons behind the confusion such as the constant connection with feminine items and backdrops.

But despite the confusion whether Tweety Bird is male or female, he most certainly is a male.



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