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More People Die from Prescription Drugs Than Illegal Drugs Each Year

are prescription drugs worse than illegal drugs

In what is becoming a disturbing trend, more people die from prescription drugs than illegal drugs each year in the US. It may appear to be nothing other than a fictitious fabrication with little more purpose than to cause a stir on social media sites, but this is a true and worrying trend that really needs the attention of everyone, simply because it can affect anyone.

One of the defining wars that governments all around the globe have been almost united against, is the war on drugs. The insidious death trade of narcotics have killed many people, and destroyed lives beyond those who have become addicted to their lure. Their impact is far more widespread and reaching than just the addict and dealers, the illegal drugs impact society on a whole. The deaths of those caught in the vice-like grip of their addiction affect their families and friends. Even before death, the havoc they wreak can tear families apart. The sheer desire for a hit leads to other crimes such as theft and prostitution, which significantly impacts on the whole of society. In extreme cases, homicide is also part of this evil trade. The war on drugs, even though it is a losing one, continues to this very day, with some countries even carrying the death penalty for dealers.

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