There’s An R Rated Version Of Galaxy Quest Somewhere

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R Rated Version Of Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest was a sci-fi comedy that was released in 1999. The movie was a parody of the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. The movie starred some big name actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen and Alan Rickman. The plot of the movie was about a troupe of actors who were once in a popular television series called Galaxy Quest. 18 years after the show was cancelled they are attending a Galaxy Quest convention when they are approached by some odd people. They inform Tim Allen’s character, Jason Nesmith, that they are aliens and need his and the crews help. Nesmith goes with the aliens thinking he is going to a studio for filming, but soon discovers that they are real aliens. Although the aliens are technologically advanced, they have no knowledge of fiction and think the long cancelled television show was a documentary. The movie ends with the actors actually saving the alien race, and humanity from another species of viscous aliens. You can clearly see by the plot, even though we have truncated it a hell of a lot, that it would have been a good family oriented movie. In fact the version that as released was rated PG. So what the hell are we talking about with our heading? Simply put, there was an R rated version of Galaxy Quest.

Now, given that the released version was PG, how do we know there was an R rated version of Galaxy Quest? We can thank producer Lindsey Collins and actor Sigourney Weaver. The pair of them have publicly stated that there was an R rated version, but before public release the movie underwent extensive editing to bring it down to the PG level. Some examples can be found in the movie with a profanity being dubbed over and the shooting script had lots more swearing in it. Financially speaking this move made a lot of sense. Family movies with a G or PG rating earn more money at the box office.

There remains two more questions. Where is the  rated version of Galaxy Quest, and how do I get my hands on it? I really want to watch it now!



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