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In Utah It’s Illegal to Have Sex with an Animal for Entertainment

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A person commits the crime of bestiality if the accused engages in any sexual activity with an animal with the intent of sexual gratification of the accused.

Just changing that one word into something that we are all familiar with in legal talk makes it a lot easier to understand. I suppose there is still some chance that the accused could get off a charge of bestiality by saying that it wasn’t for sexual gratification, but simply being aroused while caught in the act should be enough to be able to complete a successful prosecution.

It’s worth stating that there are inherent dangers not only in sex with animals, but also in misinterpreting laws, such as this one where it was apparently legal to have sex with an animal for entertainment in Utah. The clear danger is that if you engage in an illegal act with the belief that you are engaging in lawful activity, you face a sever criminal penalty.


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