Vicks Inhaler Can Cause a False Positive Drug Test for Meth

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vicks inhaler drug test

Would you risk using Vicks inhalers if they can result in a positive drug test for Meth? You’re probably thinking that this is just some weird prank, but disturbingly, it’s true. It’s a tiny little quirk with the popular cold remedy that can cause huge problems if you face a drug test after using it. What’s the basis for the positive drug test to Meth from Vicks inhalers? One chemical is the culprit.

As you may know, drug tests aren’t exactly known for their accuracy. The reason for this is because many common, and legal drugs have a chemical composition that closely resemble recreational drugs. In this particular instance Vicks inhalers contain L-methamphetamine, which is very similar to D-methamphetamine which is in meth. It’s the actual test that is proving to be the problem in detecting the difference between the two.

Obviously the biggest problem with this kind of test is in areas where drug tests are conducted, either as part of safe driving, sports or in the workplace. As you can imagine, a positive test to drugs in either scenario could cause significant problems. This could include being temporarily stood down from employment or even termination, to loss of licence to drive.  However, while Vicks inhalers will give a false positive drug test for meth, a second, more vigorous laboratory test will be able to determine the difference between the two methamphetamines, and clear you of all allegations.

As most of us already know, Vicks inhalers are a widely used, relatively inexpensive, and helpful treatment for colds and flu. They don’t really cure the infection, but they do provide some relief of the symptoms. Given the fact that many of us will use stronger medication that can cause drowsiness at the same time, and when we are using them we are sick, the chances of actually testing positive to a drug test for meth after using Vicks inhalers is relatively small. But it is still worth keeping in mind.



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